Discussion Guide

Use this discussion guide to spark a conversation after you read the books. They are a starting point and not mandatory. Use some or all, or come up with your own questions. Or, just talk. When should you talk? That's entirely up to you and your partner. You can talk a few times while reading the books, after reading the first book and before starting another, or after you've read all the books on your topic. 

Just make sure that once you and your reading partner have had a conversation about all your chosen books, that one of you answers our questionnaire and submit your observations and revelations to our blog. 



  • Did you like the book?

  • How does this book make you feel?

  • What did think about the ending? Was it surprising, predictable, disappointing?

  • What wasn't in the story? What would you have wanted to know about the setting, the back story, or characters that wasn't in the book?


  • Is this book’s plot similar to a situation you've experienced? How?

  • This is fiction; what about the plot sounds plausible? What would you be afraid of or look forward to if the plot became reality?


  • Which character is most admirable or sympathetic? Which least? If you could correlate these two characters to public figures today, who would they be?

  • What life experiences or situations have formed the characters?

  • Who are the main characters and what do you think they would look like physically? What does that mean to your interpretation of the book?

  • Which character was the most surprising to you and which were the most clichéd? Why?

  • Choose a conflict or dilemma from the book that stands out. How did you and your reading partner feel about how the character responded to it?




  • What is the setting/place of the books? Does it sound similar to your own home town or does it sound realistic or plucked from fantasy, or somewhere in between?


The author

  • What do you think is the author's background? Do you think they just wanted to tell an interesting story or did they have a goal or agenda in mind?  

  • What do you think of the choice of title? Why do you think the author chose that title?

  • Have you read any other books by the author? How does this one connect to the other/s?