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Stephanie Engelsen


Stephanie defines her life by book-reading eras starting at childhood’s Charlotte’s Web and The Little Prince to adulthood’s The Poisonwood Bible and Atonement. To Stephanie, fiction books are like shoes. She believes that fiction allows the reader to be placed into another person’s world and walk around in it — becoming that person not by flesh and blood but rather by paper pulp and ink. Stephanie works in marketing and believes that a perfect day is a day of reading fiction.


Anne Marie Choup


Anne Marie has enjoyed settling in with a good book ever since her parents were reading her Good Night Little Bear.  After moving through the Little Golden Books and some young adult favorites such as S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders and Lois Duncan's  I Know What You Did Last Summer, she now cannot name just one favorite fiction author or book.  In college, Anne Marie would celebrate the end of a semester (full of reading non-fiction) with a library outing and a good fiction book to read.  Now a political science professor, she incorporates fiction into her classes when possible, to provide additional perspectives into the different countries’ political systems and citizens’ lives under study.

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Bryn Clark


Bryn Clark’s love for reading began as a child as his father led him through worn-out copies of Watership Down and The Hobbit. Much of who Bryn is and what he believes is shaped by fiction: Catch-22 generates some wit and candour; Elmer Gantry a cynicism towards religious institutions; Gilead a hope in the truth masked by these institutions; Jayber Crow sound financial advice...the list goes on. Bryn works in outdoor education and, when not reading, can be found on the side of a mountain or paddling along the coast with a couple books in his pack…naturally.  



Claire Seiler


Claire Seiler grew up in a family of readers and without cable TV. She vividly remembers getting her first library card, and the thrill of books taking her from her Illinois home to the Prince Edward Island of Anne of Green Gables, the Metropolitan Museum of Art of From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, and, when she was still probably way too young, to the Pequod of Moby-Dick, the underground of Invisible Man, and the Cincinnati of Beloved.

Now Claire teaches and writes about literature for a living. And reads a lot for life.


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